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  • Don’t Starve Diaries

    It is finally here – the Don’t Starve project I have hinted at. It is a series in which the character narrates highlights of their day in a format similar to diary entries. This first part to the series is the Don’t Starve universe through the eyes of Wolfgang the Strongman. Wolfgang is portrayed as a circus strongman of Russian descent who has more brawn than brains. The game portrays him as scared of the dark, so I find it a nice juxtaposition of his strength to be scared of many things, but not to the point he can’t try to survive.

    It is fun to do – I get to play some Don’t Starve and then boil it down to the most interesting parts and provide some goofy narration on top. It needs some work, but I am hoping that simple act of creating these videos will provide practice and refinement of my editing, storytelling, and voices and accents.

    Wolfgang’s story is being told in the vanilla universe, but I recently picked up the Reign of Giants DLC and will tell future stories with that turned on.

    I certainly welcome feedback, as I would like to make this series as good as it can be.