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  • Be the change you wish to see

    “Be the change you wish to see” is a inspirational quote I am sure we have all heard at one time or another. I typically don’t think too much about such quotes, but this one came to mind in light of a recent concern of mine. In my last post, I criticized the Freedom! network, of which I am a member, because of the unintended result of their recent small channel sponsorship giveaways. That concern was that it created a flood of lower quality/high volume channel review and video critique offers, and the individuals offering those services only provided to those posting on their thread and seem to ignore all the threads requesting help.

    I realized after writing my criticism that I was being lazy, if not hypocritical, to not do any reviews myself. So, I have made an effort to do at least one each day the past couple days, focusing on those that have been sitting untouched for a few days to prevent a few from being ignored and lost. I have enjoyed it because I feel like I have helped someone else with some quality feedback, but it also seems to be helping me to practice looking critically at a video, which will hopefully lead to better production on my part.

    I guess there is some merit to living out these quotes from time-to-time.

  • Recording commentary or voices for videos

    A number of my YouTube videos are Let’s Plays or commentaries that require me to record myself talking at some point. I found this very difficult at first; the thoughts going through my head as I did it were much like those speaking in front of an audience. I was worried about how I sounded or what others may think of what I said or how I said it. That part has become a little easier, as many things do with practice. While still there, the distracting thoughts are quieter and the process has become more fun.

    However, I now find myself worrying about bothering others in the house (as well as what they think). In my old house, I had a bedroom set aside as an office. I could close the door, and even if I could be heard some, that physical barrier made it easier to focus on the game and not worry about who could hear me (though I did still speak too quietly at times to not wake my daughter). Where I am now, my PC is in a more common area where it is easier to hear me. I find myself speaking even quieter now and with less “personality” in my voice. How does one overcome that feeling of being judged for talking to no one while playing a game?

    Hopefully, I can push myself through this issue, as I am hoping to start on a project this week that not only involves recording speech, the project involves going beyond the usual talking in a goofy way, which I assume will be even harder to do. If all goes well, I’ll have a fun little series starting soon.

    How do you get past the anxieties of recording with others in the house? I am really curious how those recording in a common or family room pull it off. I am sure it’s all in my head.