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  • On Board Games, Video Game Hiatus, and Bookkeeping

    Wow, it has been waaaaaaay too long! I feel awful for trying so hard, and then seemingly abandoning everything. Life happens, you refocus, take time away from hobbies to fix the urgent stuff, and before you know it, you haven’t played a video game on your PC for something like a year. Ugh.

    Well, it is still going to be a while for me, because we decided to renovate the office, and my PC has not been plugged in for months. Guess it doesn’t matter too much, because the ol’ rig is getting on in years. My PC is nearly 9 years old, though my graphics card is only 8 or so!

    During my PC gaming hiatus, I have been trying to bring my board gaming hobby back to life. In fact, I often enjoy board games more, just because I enjoy the slow thoughtful play and the social interaction. Of course, to me board games and video games are in no way exclusive of one another, but I will certainly be moving toward more of the board and card games in the future. In fact, I think I may start putting more content up here of that type.

    Of course, gaming still does not get as much attention as I would like. This is because life, family, and work all seem to eat up a ton of my time. On top of my day job as an accountant for a private company, I am in the process of trying to get my own cloud-based bookkeeping company off the ground. And yes, you guessed it, my aim is to do bookkeeping for the gaming world. Primarily, I intend to focus on hobby game shops, board game cafes, board game pubs, and hobby game publishers. I really want to get immersed in that industry, because i find it fascinating. So, if you are interested or know anyone needing a little game shop bookkeeping help, send them my way.

  • Unintended Hiatus

    I have been a little distant from the site and from YouTube lately. I must apologize for this unintended hiatus. You see, I have been rather busy in “real life” with buying a new house, selling the old one, moving, renovating, etc. Unfortunately, the projects we wanted to complete to prepare our new house are taking more time then we optimistically expected. While I focus on getting this house ready I have been neglecting hobbies and such. I don’t like it, but it’s necessary. In the end, it will be really nice to have everything done and make this feel like home. It is a really exciting time in a really exciting process, but boy does it take awhile!

    The projects are many: we are painting nearly every room in the house, expanding the master bedroom closet to be a walk-in, enlarging the doors to the smaller bedroom closets, resurfacing kitchen countertops, and many other minor things like cleaning. All of this is getting done just a couple hours at a time after work, which is why it is taking so long. However, it is getting close and hopefully I can have my PC set up soon and get back to relaxing.

    When I get back in action, I will be finishing up that Civilization Beyond Earth let’s play. I am also going back and forth on buying Battlefield Hardline. I keep reading a lot of mixed reviews on the game. With the way this house is going, it might be closer to the release of GTA V on PC before I am ready to play, and I imagine that would take too much of my time to worry about Battlefield. Feel free to convince me otherwise, however. I also have a lot of indie titles I’m wanting to pick up and play.

    There are also some other exciting things coming with this new house for us. We are getting a faster Internet, which means I was able to drop cable and go all streaming. I am excited to get the TV and Roku set up so we can get that going. I want so hoping to start the hobby of gardening so we can grow a few vegetables, & I have a workbench in the garage where maybe I can tinker with PC cases. Possibly most important (for the content of this site, anyway) is that I will be building my PC desk in the coming weeks. I will be sure to upload some pics of the process and the finished product. I am hoping to make it one-of-a-kind, though it won’t be too “out-there”.

    So if you’ve been missing my YouTube content I’ll be back soon. In the meantime, comment here, join me on twitter, join me on the Dawnbreaker Gaming forums, etc. Whatever you do, just keep having fun.

  • Life Update 2

    Things are moving along, albeit slowly. Hopefully, content will start rolling on this site, YouTube, and the other sites, but it has been hard to find the time, motivation and energy. We got moved out of our house and into the parents’ basement while we finish renovations, cleaning, and packing items not immediately needed, and wait on a response from potential buyers. I cannot wait to be out from under this place and have that weight off my shoulders and one less set of tasks on my list, not to mention cashing in some equity and paying down some debt. Perhaps I can use a little bit to build a new PC in the next year; I am in dire need, which I will discuss in another post soon.

    So far, I have at least managed to keep Don’t Starve Saturday alive, and in the next couple weeks, I plan to complete my Civilization V series to make way for starting Civilization: Beyond Earth when it releases in a month. I also have another Don’t Starve series in the works, which will provide a slightly more original idea than a simple Let’s Play, assuming I can make it even half as entertaining as what is in my head.

    Also, I managed to test out the Internet connection a bit. It is 1.5 Mbps DSL, so it is sufficient to play Battlefield or some Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball online, so long as no one else is doing anything too taxing on the network. However, it takes for frickin’ ever to download updates and such, so I will have to let my PC run updates during the day if I plan to play that night. I also found that taking videos to work on my portable hard drive and uploading from there is much better (thank you open Internet at work!).

    Well, I only have time for this simple update, but I will have more coming in the next few days and weeks, so stay tuned!

  • Life Update – Moving and Weak Internet

    I don’t know about everyone else, but life has been rather busy lately. There is little time to even breath at work, though things should slow a bit in the next couple weeks thankfully. I am hoping things will slow down soon in my home life as well. You see, I am in the process of renovating my home to sell, as well as packing to move.  It is a bit overwhelming, as I have been in this home for over a decade, so moving is exciting and scary all at the same time. The first leg of the move will be the easy part: we are moving into the parents’ basement while we finish renovations and looking for a new job. The second leg of the move will be taking us to a whole new state, assuming a good job can be found first.

    All this is to say, content will be slow on YouTube because I will have little time to play games or edit videos. Hopefully, I can still find time to throw some posts on here and get this site moving along, getting myself a little more practiced with the blog. Sadly, I don’t know just how much I will be limited by this process because I will need to devote a lot of time to these renovations, taking time away from the games, but also because I don’t know how good the Internet connection will be at the parents’ house for playing and uploading. I don’t even know if I will have a good place to set up my PC. It’s all part of the adventure, though, so I can’t complain (too much).

    I put together a channel update video where I say much the same thing as here, but with Far Cry 3 in the background, so it’s better. 🙂