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  • Qora – indie game review

    While browsing Reddit one day, I came across a post on r/letsplay in which the indie game publisher Curve Digital was inviting YouTube channels to request a review key for their pixel art side scrolling adventure game, Qora.

    I played through the entire game in about two hours. Qora has an interesting story and really neat art and soundtrack, but the gameplay is a bit tedious. The developer’s intent to focus on the art and music was clear, with some scenes dragging out to a point that the art actually screen burns into your retinas. Sometimes dark and other times whimsically goofy, Qora’s story is definitely unique and, though it has a few dull or nonsensical moments, it maintained my curiosity throughout. Overall, it was like a slightly interactive and fully illustrated short story that I am not better or worse off for reading. For a more in-depth review, check out my video below:

  • Hardline Singleplayer – 12-minute preview

    Battlefield recently released a 12-minute preview of their singleplayer campaign, playing through what appears to be a full episode (they described the singleplayer as coming in episodes, like a TV crime drama). In it, you are Nick Mendoza, a cop captured by some criminals, who must escape and recover some evidence along the way.

    What I took from this gameplay was that it will feel a little different from what we are used to in Battlefield campaigns, which is a good thing. I believe we saw an example of some of the “non-linear” choices available, such as how you approach the camp. I am curious just how much of an impact on the game these choices have, or if it is simply different means to the same end for each episode. “I crawled under the fence this time, but I’ll climb over next time,” does not sound like a compelling reason to replay the campaign to me.

    What I found really interesting was how, as the player approaches the camp, they can use the scanner to spot enemies, identify enemies by type, and identify VIPs to take down. This felt very much like the camera in Far Cry 3. In fact, the whole scene had that vibe, which is not necessarily a bad thing; I really enjoy Far Cry 3’s singleplayer.

    I look forward to this, as I think both the different theme and Visceral’s approach to singleplayer gameplay could make this an enjoyable experience.