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  • Civilization board game?

    Linus, a Civilization Let’s Play-er I sub to on YouTube, recently posted from Gamescom:

    So, does this mean a Civilization-branded board game is coming? I find myself quite intrigued by the notion, but also quite wary. I am rather skeptical of things like movie or video game branded board games, because they are often a low quality cash grab. I’ll allow myself to be cautiously optimistic about this one, though, because if Sid Meier’s name is attached to it, I would suspect he will have a hand in developing the gameplay, and the man has a skill for knowing how to make a game compelling and fun. I imagine if done right, Civilization could make quite a board game. This one is going on the watch list.

    UPDATE: A quick search on BoardGameGeek.com reveals there have been a few Sid Meier’s Civilization board games in recent years. Maybe this image is of an existing game and not a future one. Either way, I clearly need to get with the times and play more board games!