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  • Qora – indie game review

    While browsing Reddit one day, I came across a post on r/letsplay in which the indie game publisher Curve Digital was inviting YouTube channels to request a review key for their pixel art side scrolling adventure game, Qora.

    I played through the entire game in about two hours. Qora has an interesting story and really neat art and soundtrack, but the gameplay is a bit tedious. The developer’s intent to focus on the art and music was clear, with some scenes dragging out to a point that the art actually screen burns into your retinas. Sometimes dark and other times whimsically goofy, Qora’s story is definitely unique and, though it has a few dull or nonsensical moments, it maintained my curiosity throughout. Overall, it was like a slightly interactive and fully illustrated short story that I am not better or worse off for reading. For a more in-depth review, check out my video below: