Recording commentary or voices for videos

A number of my YouTube videos are Let’s Plays or commentaries that require me to record myself talking at some point. I found this very difficult at first; the thoughts going through my head as I did it were much like those speaking in front of an audience. I was worried about how I sounded or what others may think of what I said or how I said it. That part has become a little easier, as many things do with practice. While still there, the distracting thoughts are quieter and the process has become more fun.

However, I now find myself worrying about bothering others in the house (as well as what they think). In my old house, I had a bedroom set aside as an office. I could close the door, and even if I could be heard some, that physical barrier made it easier to focus on the game and not worry about who could hear me (though I did still speak too quietly at times to not wake my daughter). Where I am now, my PC is in a more common area where it is easier to hear me. I find myself speaking even quieter now and with less “personality” in my voice. How does one overcome that feeling of being judged for talking to no one while playing a game?

Hopefully, I can push myself through this issue, as I am hoping to start on a project this week that not only involves recording speech, the project involves going beyond the usual talking in a goofy way, which I assume will be even harder to do. If all goes well, I’ll have a fun little series starting soon.

How do you get past the anxieties of recording with others in the house? I am really curious how those recording in a common or family room pull it off. I am sure it’s all in my head.

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