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  • More content coming for Battlefield 4

    Yesterday, I reported on BF4Blog.com that Battlefield announced new content has been planned for Battlefield 4 that goes beyond the originally scheduled DLC. Unfortunately, they did not (“cannot”) say what this content will be. One extremely community-friendly dev, @tiggr_, accidentally built up hype about the announcement, thinking he was going to get to disclose more than the company allowed. His level of excitement indicates it will be something fairly significant, so the community is currently expecting a map pack, at a minimum. As I wrote on BF4Blog, it is unclear from the clues what this content will truly be comprised of, when it will arrive, and how it will be offered. I hope they offer anything further as a free download. Over the past year, the Battlefield community has unfortunately become rather toxic, with many feeding off one another’s frustrations, which has resulted in much more negative feedback on DICE’s decisions than they might receive otherwise. I am afraid asking for players to pay for this content will only serve to feed that anger, and will result in few players (beyond the premium members who will likely get it free regardless) actually playing the new content. The current clues indicate this may be the case, or at the very least, that devs agree with the sentiment.

    While it is disappointing they offered so little information, I can understand (and speculate at) the business reasons. Nonetheless, this is still positive information, as new content will be nice to have, especially if they are bringing back some well-loved (and well-designed) maps. I am really hoping they bring in some of the best Rush-specific maps from the Bad Company series to really revitalize that game mode. I really enjoyed it in BC2, but found it lost some luster in BF3 and 4. I still find myself able to enjoy an evening playing BF4, so I look forward to some new content, especially if it can make it at all a more positive experience.

    By the way, if you are a Battlefield fan and a Twitter user, consider giving @tiggr_ a follow. He is a great face for EA/DICE, and has been very helpful to the community.

  • Civilization board game?

    Linus, a Civilization Let’s Play-er I sub to on YouTube, recently posted from Gamescom:

    So, does this mean a Civilization-branded board game is coming? I find myself quite intrigued by the notion, but also quite wary. I am rather skeptical of things like movie or video game branded board games, because they are often a low quality cash grab. I’ll allow myself to be cautiously optimistic about this one, though, because if Sid Meier’s name is attached to it, I would suspect he will have a hand in developing the gameplay, and the man has a skill for knowing how to make a game compelling and fun. I imagine if done right, Civilization could make quite a board game. This one is going on the watch list.

    UPDATE: A quick search on BoardGameGeek.com reveals there have been a few Sid Meier’s Civilization board games in recent years. Maybe this image is of an existing game and not a future one. Either way, I clearly need to get with the times and play more board games!