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  • Battlefield 4 MVP Ribbon

    Alright, so I just have to gloat for a minute or two. I am not a very good Battlefield player (I’m not good at many games, for that matter), but I do show signs of improvement from time-to-time. However, the other day I chose to play a few rounds during my daughter’s nap time. I had a lot of fun. I jumped on a server and found there to be a good number of people playing the objective, so I jumped in the action. My first couple rounds were rough. It was a custom hardcore server, using most hardcore settings, but had the mini map turned on, and maybe 3-D spotting as well. I had a lot of trouble getting into a rhythm and staying on my feet.

    However, as I started to consider turning off BF4 and playing some Beyond Earth, Wave Breaker came up, and I decided to play one more round focused on infantry combat on the middle three objectives. I was squad leader that round and just ran back and forth setting objectives. I had a great squad that followed the orders and pushed the objectives with me. We managed to keep a majority control on those objectives, and I had a great time doing it (PTFO FTW, anyone?). Because my squad played as a team so well, the points rolled in for me. On top of that, most of my modest kills were on the objective, netting me attack/defense points. Despite having total kills and a K/D under what many had, my score topped the board and I got my first ever MVP because my team played as a team and it was fun and exciting to do. Strangely, I managed to follow up with another MVP round on Propaganda, which really blew my mind. I had never really even come close to MVP, and now I get it twice in a row.

    I’m done bragging now. I was just so excited to do that; I didn’t think I would ever manage to top the leader board in a real match. Well, here’s the full round, uncut (though I did start recording about 30 seconds in, after my first death):

  • Beyond Earth is finally here!

    I have to admit, I have been a bit excited for the release of Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth. Although I did not get into it until Civ V, I am really a fan of the gameplay, though I can see how it might get a little tired for those with more time than me. The announcement of Beyond Earth really excited me because, other than the game engine, nothing is truly familiar. The sponsors, planets, aliens, and everything else is coming from imaginations of the developers and inspirations from books like Dune. It is all new and exciting stuff to discover and enjoy. I also like the concept of the tech web, because the linear tech tree of Civ V annoyed me almost as much as the denouncement happy AI.

    I decided I would make a Let’s Play of my first game of Beyond Earth because I thought the learning process would be entertaining. Plus, that is a lot of what my channel is about: learning games by trial and error and trying to improve. I am playing as the American Reclamation Corporation (ARC) and plan to pursue a Harmony affinity path, but I will try to use covert ops to keep enemies at bay and speed along my science progress. I have only managed a couple hours of playtime, so far, but I am really enjoying it. If you want to learn more about the game or see how someone else plays it, please check out my Hep plays learns to play Beyond Earth series:

  • Don’t Starve Diaries

    It is finally here – the Don’t Starve project I have hinted at. It is a series in which the character narrates highlights of their day in a format similar to diary entries. This first part to the series is the Don’t Starve universe through the eyes of Wolfgang the Strongman. Wolfgang is portrayed as a circus strongman of Russian descent who has more brawn than brains. The game portrays him as scared of the dark, so I find it a nice juxtaposition of his strength to be scared of many things, but not to the point he can’t try to survive.

    It is fun to do – I get to play some Don’t Starve and then boil it down to the most interesting parts and provide some goofy narration on top. It needs some work, but I am hoping that simple act of creating these videos will provide practice and refinement of my editing, storytelling, and voices and accents.

    Wolfgang’s story is being told in the vanilla universe, but I recently picked up the Reign of Giants DLC and will tell future stories with that turned on.

    I certainly welcome feedback, as I would like to make this series as good as it can be.

  • Battlefield 4 – How to EOD Bot

    If you play Battlefield 4, hopefully you are at least vaguely aware of the EOD bot, the engineer’s remote tool for repairing and destroying vehicles, as well as eliminating enemy mines and other explosives. It is a nifty little gadget, but it does not always get a lot of attention, like a lot of things in the game than have a very niche utility.

    With the Dragon’s Teeth DLC, the EOD bot has suddenly received some extra attention due to an assignment called Remote Operator, which requires the player to destroy an enemy vehicle with the EOD bot, as well as get some kills with the new RAWR, and perform other functions with remote-operated gadgets. Because the EOD bot is seldom-used, many find themselves wondering what to do to attain this achievement. Check out my video below for some instruction on the EOD bot, and also go over to BF4Blog for some more details about this handy tool. Once you’ve got that vehicle destruction down, don’t forget to sneak up on a few unsuspecting recons with your EOD bot; it is quite satisfying!