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  • On Board Games, Video Game Hiatus, and Bookkeeping

    Wow, it has been waaaaaaay too long! I feel awful for trying so hard, and then seemingly abandoning everything. Life happens, you refocus, take time away from hobbies to fix the urgent stuff, and before you know it, you haven’t played a video game on your PC for something like a year. Ugh.

    Well, it is still going to be a while for me, because we decided to renovate the office, and my PC has not been plugged in for months. Guess it doesn’t matter too much, because the ol’ rig is getting on in years. My PC is nearly 9 years old, though my graphics card is only 8 or so!

    During my PC gaming hiatus, I have been trying to bring my board gaming hobby back to life. In fact, I often enjoy board games more, just because I enjoy the slow thoughtful play and the social interaction. Of course, to me board games and video games are in no way exclusive of one another, but I will certainly be moving toward more of the board and card games in the future. In fact, I think I may start putting more content up here of that type.

    Of course, gaming still does not get as much attention as I would like. This is because life, family, and work all seem to eat up a ton of my time. On top of my day job as an accountant for a private company, I am in the process of trying to get my own cloud-based bookkeeping company off the ground. And yes, you guessed it, my aim is to do bookkeeping for the gaming world. Primarily, I intend to focus on hobby game shops, board game cafes, board game pubs, and hobby game publishers. I really want to get immersed in that industry, because i find it fascinating. So, if you are interested or know anyone needing a little game shop bookkeeping help, send them my way.

  • Civilization board game?

    Linus, a Civilization Let’s Play-er I sub to on YouTube, recently posted from Gamescom:

    So, does this mean a Civilization-branded board game is coming? I find myself quite intrigued by the notion, but also quite wary. I am rather skeptical of things like movie or video game branded board games, because they are often a low quality cash grab. I’ll allow myself to be cautiously optimistic about this one, though, because if Sid Meier’s name is attached to it, I would suspect he will have a hand in developing the gameplay, and the man has a skill for knowing how to make a game compelling and fun. I imagine if done right, Civilization could make quite a board game. This one is going on the watch list.

    UPDATE: A quick search on BoardGameGeek.com reveals there have been a few Sid Meier’s Civilization board games in recent years. Maybe this image is of an existing game and not a future one. Either way, I clearly need to get with the times and play more board games!