Battlefield 4 MVP Ribbon

Alright, so I just have to gloat for a minute or two. I am not a very good Battlefield player (I’m not good at many games, for that matter), but I do show signs of improvement from time-to-time. However, the other day I chose to play a few rounds during my daughter’s nap time. I had a lot of fun. I jumped on a server and found there to be a good number of people playing the objective, so I jumped in the action. My first couple rounds were rough. It was a custom hardcore server, using most hardcore settings, but had the mini map turned on, and maybe 3-D spotting as well. I had a lot of trouble getting into a rhythm and staying on my feet.

However, as I started to consider turning off BF4 and playing some Beyond Earth, Wave Breaker came up, and I decided to play one more round focused on infantry combat on the middle three objectives. I was squad leader that round and just ran back and forth setting objectives. I had a great squad that followed the orders and pushed the objectives with me. We managed to keep a majority control on those objectives, and I had a great time doing it (PTFO FTW, anyone?). Because my squad played as a team so well, the points rolled in for me. On top of that, most of my modest kills were on the objective, netting me attack/defense points. Despite having total kills and a K/D under what many had, my score topped the board and I got my first ever MVP because my team played as a team and it was fun and exciting to do. Strangely, I managed to follow up with another MVP round on Propaganda, which really blew my mind. I had never really even come close to MVP, and now I get it twice in a row.

I’m done bragging now. I was just so excited to do that; I didn’t think I would ever manage to top the leader board in a real match. Well, here’s the full round, uncut (though I did start recording about 30 seconds in, after my first death):

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